satisfactory, satisfying, fine. A term of approval, sometimes in the form of a mild exclamation, from the hippy era. The adjective is derived from the verb to groove; originally an American term, it was adopted by British rock musicians, beatniks and, later, hippies from about 1965. Sounding risibly dated in the 1970s and 1980, groovy was revived first for ironic, then appreciative use from around 2000.
► 'You see we have a lot of other groovy things going for us, and not just concerning music.' (Mick Jagger, Record Mirror, 26 August 1967)
tedious, dull. A vogue word among adolescents from 1988. It is prob-ably inspired by the ironic use of the dated term of approbation.
► 'Another 1960s catchword, "groovy", has mysteriously turned into its opposite, now signifying stodgy or old-fashioned.' (Independent magazine, 24 December 1988)

Contemporary slang . 2014.

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